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Expo View - The Influencer - Sheeple - The Other - The Great Awakening - Echo Chamber

Information has always been considered power; however, disinformation or targeted "manipulated" information yields much more power today: the total surrender of the individual to an idea. In this respect, control communism in China, cults and movements such as QAnon are not so very different. Polarizing opinions, fake news stories packaged as conspiracy theories, they are ubiquitous today. The algorithms, designed to hold the attention span as long as possible, feed the sensationalism endlessly. Technology is used by just about anyone with a commercial or political goal as the ultimate weapon to gain control over what someone thinks and how someone acts.

Echo Chamber
In the installation "Echo Chamber," the viewer hears alternative truths and opinions, found through social media, while confronted with themselves.


These works were part of the groupshow with Kirsi Kempkes & Christophe Simoen.